Friday, November 16, 2012

Let's Talk About... Empowering!

I've spoken much about mantras and how they do wonders... take it from me, I honestly thought that all of this 'mantra' was a bunch of crap... until one day I thought I'd try it since I was hearing so much about it through my studies of Buddhism and since I had decided that I wanted to start being positive!
Anyways, so my mantras were a way of empowering me and promoting positive self- talk. Very useful when you happen to be in a bit of a bind, a stress-induced hissy fit, or just generally need a little lovin'!

I've spoken again and again about a Zen saying/belief; basically, "Hold onto a feeling, whatever it may be, and feel it until you have felt it to it's entirety. Then, let it go."
How powerful! And, when I say "to it's entirety" I don't mean wallow in it for years, but like a long, drawn out squeeze of a stress ball for a few minutes, hours, maybe a day and then, simply, letting it go. Do not let it consume you; that is not the point. You must empower yourself to gain strength from that which sets out to make you weak.

It's like going through a bad break up; you don't even want to look at the other person's face, or hear their name, or voice... but isn't that a little unhealthy? You shouldn't hide yourself from the world because you've been hurt! Revel in your hurt for an hour, think about why you're hurt, why you're angry, why you don't want to see his/her face? Then, let it go.
Stare a picture of their face and tell them (but mostly for yourself): "You have no hold on me. You do not control my thoughts or my life. I am letting you go."
Remember, as in anything, that you are not alone.
Let go of the desire to be with this person again, let go of the desire for revenge, let go! Remember, once we let go of our desire, we eliminate suffering.

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.”
-The Buddha 


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