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As some of you may know, I have started following the Weight Watchers Program to shape up for my wedding! I've had quite a bit of success with it, and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone wanting to lose weight, eat better or just generally feel better about yourself! Plus, I cook WAAYY better now than I used to!
Please feel free to have a good read; I'm not paid to promote Weight Watchers or anything but I love the program and to promote positivity!
Below is an inspiring, funny, and uplifting article commending the program written by someone who has had success with Weight Watchers:
"Being university students, we have all heard about the “Freshmen Fifteen” in which freshmen students are said to gain at least fifteen pounds in the first year of university. Reasons for this weight gain can include: hectic schedules, sleepless nights, quick and easy fast food, neglecting nutrition, and the only workout received is partaking in beer pong competitions. An easy fix to beating the “Freshmen Fifteen" is a weight loss program called Weight Watchers. I am sure most of us have seen the commercials with Jennifer Hudson and Jessica Simpson endorsing the Weight Watchers program, leaving one to wonder whether or not the Weight Watchers program actually does work. However, having tried this program myself, I can agree 100% with Jennifer Hudson and Jessica Simpson that Weight Watchers does, in fact, work.
I first started Weight Watchers in 2007 when I was in grade twelve because my dream pair of jeans was Rock and Republics by Victoria Beckham. Being in high school, I didn’t have a high-paying job, so I knew I could not afford to buy these $300 jeans. My mom, knowing I wanted these jeans, took the situation to her advantage and made a deal with me. My mom told me that if I lost twenty pounds by graduation that she would take me shopping to buy these pants. As I wanted these pants like no other, I took my mom up on her offer. Not knowing how to approach weight loss, my mom suggested that I try Weight Watchers, as she had had success with the program before. My mom got me the book (name of book) and I followed the program on my own, simply by counting points and exercising a few times a week. After two months, I successfully lost twenty pounds and got my jeans in time for graduation. Since then, every time I have wanted to lose weight I turn to the Weight Watchers program simply because I know it works.
Being a university student myself and knowing the benefits of the Weight Watchers program, I have come up with four positive benefits on why you should try Weight Watchers. If you want to change your lifestyle and feel healthier about yourself, you should follow my four benefits in joining this program.
They are: point system is easy to follow, you are able to eat what you normally do within moderation, cost effective, and you are not required to workout.
The first benefit of the Weight Watchers program is that the program is easy to follow. The Weight Watchers program is run off a point system; based on your sex, age, weight and height. For example: if you weigh 127 pounds, 5’6 tall, and are twenty years old, you take the first two digits of your weight (12), you get 6 points for being a female, two more points for being 5’6 and 1 point for being twenty years old. From that calculation you get to eat 21 points each day and, based on your diet, the book indicates what eat food idea is worth in terms of points. You base what you eat over the course of the day on how many points you can eat. The good thing about Weight Watchers is that all fruit contains no point value and most vegetables contain no point value, meaning if you are hungry you can eat an endless amount of fruit and vegetables.
Weight Watchers bases itself around maintaining the way you eat today, within moderation. In other words, you can eat a chocolate bar for dessert as they are only five points depending on what you eat throughout the day you can still afford to eat this at night. This diet program allows the person on the diet to even eat out at restaurants and fast food joints as Weight Watchers has a guide for eating out. The problem I find with other diets is that you become deprived of what you normally eat, causing you to break your diet and “binge-eat”, making lots of other diet plans unsuccessful for the long term. Weight Watchers is a way of life more than it is a diet, so we learn portion control for now and for the future. After being on Weight Watchers for quite a while, it becomes easier to know how much and what you are supposed to be eating.
As most of us are in university, we all know that we are starving students living pay cheque to pay cheque. This means, more often than not, that grabbing a cheap burger on the go is easier than going to the grocery store. Weight Watchers program is cost effective as the program does not cost a lot to join and you do not need to eat Weight Watchers food. The book  cost me ten dollars and I do the program on my own. However, if you want help setting goals, or to partake in a weekly weigh in, it does cost more money; most of us can afford to follow Weight Watchers program on a minimal budget, leaving those fast food joints alone. 
Though I’m not a fan of working out, I found this program to be the right fit for me as regular exercise is not essential in order to succeed in the Weight Watchers program. Working out in the Weight Watchers program allows you to eat more food points over the course of the day. Being busy university students, not all of us have time to fit set aside to workout leaving Weight Watchers being my number one choice for weight loss.
In contemplating these four simple benefits of joining Weight Watchers, you too will feel better about yourself. Not only does losing weight make you feel better physically but it also contributes to a higher self-esteem and higher levels of energy. Through becoming a Weight Watchers member you too can try to beat the dreaded “Freshmen Fifteen”."
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