Saturday, December 8, 2012

Pet of The Week!

It's time for French Onion Soup Saturday's Pet of The Week!

Since I've introduced you to our other animals, this week, meet Bella!

Tom and I rescued Bella in February 2011 and she has been a rambunctious, wonderful addition to our family ever since!
We got her from the Meow Foundation here in Calgary. The Meow Foundation has a no-kill policy, so they do not euthanize the cats that they find. They are funded solely by donations and adoptions from people like you! The cats come to you healthy, though some feral, and all are spayed or neutered. The vet that my family has been going to for years actually helps The Meow Foundation with spays and neuters. 
If you're interested in The Meow Foundation, click here to visit their website.
Meow Foundation

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