Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Cooking Is An Art!

I have two main hobbies (though I like to consider myself a kind of "Renaissance Woman")- Art History and Cooking. And, while they may seem completely different, I like to argue that they actually aren't that different.
I consider cooking to be an art; think of your frying pan, saucepan, oven, etc. as your tools to create this art - like a paintbrush or sponge, etc.!
Then, think of your meat, tofu, veggies, whatever, as your canvas with your spices and other flavouring devices as your "paint" - your colour! 
Ever created a recipe that made your own mouth water and made you toot your own horn? Well, you're just as comparable to Leonardo da Vinci - he experimented before creating his best works!
I have a rule when I'm trying a new recipe for dinner: if it tastes awful, I will order in! Fortunately, I haven't had to yet.

I'm not a classically trained chef, nor have I ever taken any cooking classes or courses, but I love to do it and I believe that that is what makes me good at it. You have to let yourself go in the kitchen; don't be afraid to try new things and don't give up on it or on yourself!
If I can do, you can!


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