Saturday, December 22, 2012

Pet of The Week!

Image courtesy of Shannon J.
I guess I wouldn't describe horses as pets per se, since they become more like a friend and confidant than a pet....

"Can you ever really own a horse?" - Jeff Winger, Community

My sister and mother have horses: my sister's horse Ricky Bobbie and my mother's horse Gucci. Both horses have provided them with a sense of healing, love, learning, and... of course... exercise!
Below, my mother has submitted a picture and excerpt about her horse, Gucci. My mother grew up on a farm in rural Alberta, and has had horses since she was little, so when she got Gucci, it brought back memories - especially about her Dad, who unfortunately passed away before I was born (the man was born in 1899!)
Image courtesy of Shannon J.

"She's good karma for me; she makes me calm - sticking to one thing at a time - and she teaches me more than I teach her. It feels so good to have a horse again, especially in such a beautiful part of the country and at such an awesome stable with awesome people; I have new members of my family out there.
Her stable name is 'Gucci', but her registered name is 'Only If You Ask.'
My husband really encouraged me to get a horse; I never thought I'd have one again! I'm so grateful that he did- I didn't realize how much I missed it until I had a horse again. It was my childhood passion, and I am so grateful that my husband encouraged me to go for it!"
- Shannon J

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