Monday, February 13, 2012

Wanna Try Something New Today?

Hey all you Crusaders of Days out there!
As we fight the daily grind, here is something new that you may not have tried already:
Thai Iced Tea!

The tea itself is really up to you, but here is the recipe I tried today (I just made it for myself; you can tweak the recipe if you want to make it for more people):

- Steep 2 spoonfuls of Teaopia's "Market Spice" Black Tea in a large mug for 5 minutes
- Stir in 2 spoonfuls of granulated sugar
- Once sugar has dissolved, place in frig or freezer until liquid is cold (to your liking)
- Add as much milk as you like (I put in Vanilla Almond Milk)
- Do not stir (the idea is that the milk sits on top of the tea)
- Add ice cubes if you like
- Drink!

It is a weird concoction, but it is very, very good! It's a nice, easy drink to make for yourself.

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