Monday, February 27, 2012

There's Always Time If You Make Time For.... Yoga

Tom has tried a ton of new things since we've been together - like getting out of the house more than three times a week!
He has had a pedicure, facial, adopted a cat, gone to Vegas, and bought a house - to name a few.
Today, he tried yet another new thing! We did some couples yoga poses when he got home from work; I've been doing a lot more yoga a meditation lately to help with the severe shoulder and back pain I've been experiencing. He was not up for it at first, so after much convincing, we tried some quick, painless and easy poses.
He is not flexible at all, so Warrior 1 pose was good to start to try and get him loosened up. We did a half moon pose and other bends and then ended with the tree pose.
You can honestly make it up as you go along, but remember to tailor it to your partner's needs - especially if you yourself practice almost every day. The main thing is to keep your own, and your partner's abs tight and keep sleek lines for your body during the poses. Breathing and balance is your first priority - make sure that your partner understands this.
It was a bonding experience for us for sure, and as I'm typing, he is doing "Downward Dog" on his own! Yay for yoga!!

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