Saturday, February 18, 2012

Mysterious Ailment...

Some days I really can't catch a break - this morning (well, semi-afternoon) I woke up with a painful growth in my left eye. Went to the doctor- long story short, ouch, needles, and I'm stuck wearing a patch over my eye until at least Monday.... hurrah!!
I haven't had the best bout of health lately - I was just in the hospital for kidney stones and I just havent been feeling up to snuff.
I need to find some balance.
One of the Buddhist principles is: "A sound mind is a sound body, and a sound body is a sound mind"
This is loosely attributed to the Buddha, after his realization that ascetism was NOT proper.
Not that I'm like that; I could be healthier.
Anyways, our anniversary is coming up soon!
We're looking for restaurants to hit up (and of course, French Onion Soup will be a focal point for choosing the lucky restaurant) so, any suggestions from our non-existent followers?
If we try somewhere new, we will absolutely update our list!
Stay healthy, soup lovers!

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