Monday, February 13, 2012

French Onion Soup So Far

Tom and I have tried a ton of French Onion Soups at a ton of
great places (all in Alberta so far)!
We each differ on
whether or not we like it and have rated the French Onion Soup for each
restaurant (please remember this is a rating of the French Onion Soup at each
restaurant not a rating of the restaurant as a whole!). Our scale is out of ten-
ten being the best, one being... well, not so much.
Red Water Rustic Grille (Calgary - Stadium Location)
We love this restaurant; they currently do not have French Onion Soup on the menu, but we would love them to add it!
Stonehill Restaurant (Calgary - Harvest Hills Blvd)
Another restaurant we love!

Katherine: 8.0

Thomas: 8.5- 9.0

Rose and Crown (Banff)
Always a must when you're in Banff!

Katherine: 7.5
Its only because of my personal vendetta against puff pastry

Thomas: 8.0
The Blind Monk (Calgary- Royal Oak)
If you want to have a great time, the karoke here is awesome!

Katherine: 6.0
It was a good soup, could've used more bread and flavour

Thomas: 4.0
It just didn't compare

crazyweed kitchen (Canmore - Railway Avenue)
What an awesome place!

Katherine: 7.5

Thomas: 8.0

Boston Pizza (Calgary - Creekside, Memorial, 32nd Avenue)
BP is Tom and his friends' "go-to" place; they love it!

Katherine: 6.0
Flavour, flavour, flavour!

Thomas: 6.0

Riverbend Station (Calgary - off Glenmore)
Our friend knows about our FOS quest and suggested this place; we had a great time!

Katherine: 8.0
Not disappointing at all, but just not the absolute best I've had

Thomas: 9.0
It was awesome!

Brewster's (Calgary- Crowfoot)
A family favourite

Katherine: 8.5
In my top two, absolutely!!

Thomas: 8.5

The Bull and Finch (Calgary - Bridlewood)
Really cool place!

Katherine: 5.0
It could have to do with the fact I wasn't feeling well, but it felt like it lacked the brandy/ wine aspect of traditional FOS

Thomas: 7.0
Best French Onion Soup I've had that doesn't have a taste of alcohol in it

We wanna give a shout-out to M&M Meat Shops here:
Best ever French Onion Soup "out-of-the-box"!!!

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