Sunday, February 26, 2012

Today's the Day for ... Zen

Living Zen can be a big improvement; it can teach you to relish the finer things, stop looking over your shoulder, and be true -"er" to yourself! It has taught me all of these things, and to live in the present - try my best to cherish each moment as it comes to me. Send out your good vibes to the universe, and it will send back to you.
Take each moment as a lesson, whether it be a struggle or a triumph.
It is kind of like Tom and I's quest to find the best tasting French Onion Soup - we try new things to find out which suits us best and delight in the soups that we like. We cherish each of these moments because it brings us together, and we get to taste some pretty awesome food!!
My Zen proverb for today is:

"The infinite is the finite of every instant."
Meditate often and think peace always.

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