Monday, May 6, 2013

Why I Will Always Be Gluten and Dairy Free!

I don't usually do "selfies", but I'd like to share this one! When I got engaged last August, I was at my very heaviest. I was dealing with an un-diagnosed gluten and dairy allergy and, although I was happy in all other areas of my life, I really wasn't feeling good about myself. So, I decided to make a change. I began exploring the gluten and dairy free diet (and blogging about it!) portioning, and tracking and maintaining regular exercise. Since then I have lost 40 lbs to date with a goal of losing 20-25 more pounds. The feeling is incredible; I feel so much better, more energetic, and more willing to do things I never would have before. My wedding dress even needs to be taken in! All thanks to my diet, exercise, and determination! I can't wait to continue down this healthy road and, through my blog and other activities, help others to get healthy and love themselves for the amazing human beings they are!! I know I will reach my goal soon!

 This is why I will continue to explore everything I can when it comes to the gluten and dairy free diet, and I am dedicated to helping others with their gluten and dairy allergies... and their weightloss!
Stay tuned for more great recipes, tips, etc. as we navigate these allergies together!
Please message me if you have any questions or any recipes you love that you would like posted on French Onion Soup Blog!

Much love,


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