Monday, May 6, 2013

Getting Active In Alberta

It's shoulder season for Alberta hikers, and while the snow is still deep, the trails are marked and ready for your boot-clad hiking feet! Such was the case when Tom and I visited the Baldy Pass trail this past Saturday with our energetic and surprisingly awesome hiker dog! I've posted some pics below; what an awesome day to enjoy the incredible beauty that our Earth has given us! We felt incredibly fortunate.


Here's a quick-fix for beginners from beginners: If you can, buy a Day-Hiker backpack (specifically) - Atmosphere, MEC, and other outdoor stores will have them marked. They may have male/female varieties for weight displacement, but the big difference between a day-pack and a backpack one might use for school is the rigid back. If you don't have time or funds to acquire a day-hiker pack, a quick-fix (keep in mind this won't work for long-term) is to take a cutting board and place it against the back of your pack. This will mimic the rigid back of a day-hiker pack, and will save your back 
from getting overly sore like a soft-back school pack would.

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