Monday, May 13, 2013

Gluten Free YYC!

I love that more and more restaurants are hopping onto the gluten-free boat! This restaurant is a place that my family has been visiting for years (no joke). When my sister and I were kids, this restaurant was within walking distance, but relocated. I introduced Tom to it and we are hooked. Thankfully, they are able to accommodate ALL of my allergies... one of the few, if the only, Vietnamese restaurant in Calgary to do so.
They do gluten-free spring rolls (made with rice paper - keep in mind that they are deep fried so cross-contamination is possible), they do not use dairy, and they have an imitation "fish" sauce! So delicious - you can enjoy what you love and not have to worry about your allergies!

Visit the Taste of Saigon website here. Enjoy!


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