Saturday, March 30, 2013

Pet of The Week!

Photo of Woody, courtesy Elyse W.
This week's Pet of The Week comes from my future cousin-in-law, Elyse! She is an avid cat lover, too, and she deserves some serious props after rescuing her two cats and giving them an incredible, loving home!
Below you'll find her story.

"I found Woody- as in the cowboy from Toy Story- (and his brother Buzz) huddled together outside my neighbour’s basement window when they were around 8 weeks old. We brought them home that night and didn’t look back.
Photo of Buzz, courtesy Elyse W.
Woody is obsessed with what we have lovingly dubbed as ‘tummy time’. He will lay right beside you on his back, spread eagle, and demand you rub the round bit of his tummy (with your arm in-between his back legs – strange I know but he loves it). He is a tabby-minx cross, so he doesn't have a tail. He also loves the smell of residual chlorine water from our hot tub, the smell of sweaty hot yoga clothes, and loves to help make the bed."
Courtesy Elyse W.

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