Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Find Your Shine!

"Good people shine from afar, like the snowy mountains; bad people are not seen, like arrows shot by night."
- The Buddha
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The mountains are memorable - anybody from Alberta can attest to that! Personally, when I drive to Banff from Calgary, looking at the mountains creates a bit of a stir within me. How is it that these beautiful pieces of Earth were made? I will always cherish the sight of them... much like good people with the best intentions are cherished by those around them. You will then learn to cherish yourself. Remember my post about having a constant heart?
You cannot cherish a bad person - somebody who constantly cuts you down, insults you - I'm not talking about somebody who has a bad day - this is somebody who consistently, intentionally leaves a bad impression.
Think of these intentionally bad people as The Buddha says - as an arrow shot in the dark. The arrow's intention is to wound, to kill... but if it is shot in the dark, it misses you and you do not see it, you do not cherish it, it does not leave an impression on you, and you are not affected.

Find your shine - be a mountain!

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