Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Make Yourself Drink More Water!

Thanks to my former love of pop and my forever love of Crystal Light, I can't really drink just plain old water anymore... I know, I know - terrible!
But, instead of pumping myself full of aspartame, I've recently been drinking water infused with real fruit and herbs! It's got many benefits; the vitamins from the fruit, it tastes great, it offers a bit of a natural 'filter', and it also prevents you from downing the water- especially during a workout! While staying hydrated is key during the day, you cannot down glass after glass of water! You have to pace yourself or else your stomach will protest very obviously and you'll throw up - making yourself even more dehydrated. Oh, and you'll feel better... trust me.

My favourite water so far has been watermelon and fresh rosemary. It's delicious!

Pinterest has a bunch of tasty ideas for infused 'spa' water! Or, create your own infused water concoction!

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