Monday, May 21, 2012

Nothing Warms The Heart Like A New Puppy

Today, I bought Thomas a puppy. She is the most adorable, well-behaved (for an 8 week old pup), calm, quiet and sweet dog! We named her Riley.
She is a border collie/black lab cross, so she will have a ton of energy and she is going to be smart.. she already is a little smartie!
The cats are quite inquisitive - Theo grew up around my parent's dog Bailey so he's really not that worried about Riley. Bella's a bit of a different story - a bit cautious, a bit curious, but I'm pleasantly surprised that there has been no hissing or growling from either party.
Riley and Theo had a face-to-face meeting (Riley on the leash of course) and Riley sat down and acted passive while Theo meowed playfully and rolled over, showing his tummy. Like I said, pleasantly surprised, but Riley's only been in the house 2 hours!

So, here's to many laughs, love and light from our new little baby... and to Tom and I no longer having excuses to go for walks!!


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