Tuesday, July 9, 2013

High River Flooding 2013

My uncle lives in High River and owns just under 20 rental properties. We were down there helping them out (along with several other of my AMAZING cousins who had been at it all week) and these are the pictures...
Our hearts and thoughts are with Toronto and the GTA today, too. Stay strong, we are with you! 
Please donate your time and funds to the people affected by these devastating floods!
You can donate to www.redcross.ca
or check the City of Calgary and Town of High River's Facebook, Twitter and website pages to keep in the loop in how you can get out there and help out!
A community is built by it's people... and boy, are there some amazing people!
FOSBlog's Tom and cousin Sophia covered after cleaning out one rental property

Boat floated here and has not been moved (this is 1st street)

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