Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Everything In Moderation

When you are trying something new, like a diet, you have to remember the moderate and PORTION! The diet has worked so well for me because I read the ingredients and consider the daily value... but I also measure each item. So, below I've listed a few of my "everything in moderation" tips that have worked for me.

1. Measure & weigh your food! Buy a small scale and keep it in your kitchen - don't put it in a cupboard or drawer - keep it out in the open and weigh as much as you can... do the same with measuring cups/spoons
2.  Get creative! Stop eating the same old boring chicken; jazz it up! I am a huge advocate for chicken... and look how many ways I can cook it! If you have a thought for a recipe, try it!
3. Read the back. Consider the daily intake values for each ingredient you use; I do much of my thinking in Weight Watchers Points - consciously asking myself, "How many Points would this be?". If it feels like it would make my Points go up, I reconsider using it.
4. Plan ahead. Buy a magnetic whiteboard at the Dollar Store with a dry-erase marker. Now, plan your week of dinners. This is especially helpful if you have a spouse like mine whose favourite thing to ask is, "What's for dinner?" Make sure you stick to your schedule; check it in the morning to see if you have to defrost anything, and try to have at least three meat-free days/week.
5. Take the time to have breakfast. There's a reason that they call for three meals a day; make time to get them all! I usually try to have egg whites and a smoothie or fresh fruit for breakfast, or I enjoy 1/4 cup of quinoa cereal with 1/4 cup unsweetened coconut milk. If you find that eating that early in the morning makes you feel a little queasy, then make yourself something that is easy to take with you and eat it at your desk in the morning.
6. Get a lunch kit. Seriously, just do it. It will make your life, and your lunch, much easier - trust me!
7. Pack a Snack. Have a healthy snack several times during the day - it's an excuse to take a break from work and it will stop you from gorging yourself. I take fruit, nuts, veggies, and sometimes applesauce with me if I have a long day ahead. 
(Note: If you are newly dairy free and are a yogurt junkie, then buy almond yogurt - it is just as tasty and packs a whole bunch of calcium! Also, check out Daiya brand cheeses for a gluten and dairy free cheese alternative!)
8. Get Your Daily Dose. Take your vitamins! They have adult chews now, plus a daily Karma Wellness Water will give you your recommended dosage... so you have no excuse as to why you shouldn't be getting them.
9. Get Happy! Set a positive outlook on your goal - tell yourself you will get there- and feel GOOD about it; a healthy diet and regular exercise is your ticket to a better you.
10. Stay Committed. I do use the word "diet", but I really mean "lifestyle change". This truly is a lifestyle change and it won't happen overnight - it will be hard, but it will be worth it!
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