Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wanna Try Something New Today?

Today, I came across an incredible site:
Here are some of the highlights (for me, anyways, warning: may induce tears of joy)
This a picture of the Chicago Christians at Chicago's Gay Pride parade.
And this is the reaction from the parade (I'm crying just looking at this).
These senior citizens would rather risk their own lives than our generation's. What a truly selfless act... The Buddha would be proud.
A man giving the shoes off of his own feet to a young girl in Guatemala. We often forget that we have so much, and we often take it for granted.
This is so adorable: animals are of this Earth, and they love us unconditionally. What say we give them the same treatment they give us?

I think that's all I will post for now, as the website has 21 heartwarming pictures that you can look at.

My message here is: don't be a bystander, you are capable of inspiring people, and of great things!

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