Sunday, July 22, 2012

Going Without Gluten... Four Days and Counting

So, the Great Dairy-Free Journey turns into the Great Gluten and Dairy - Free journey! Its' been about a week without dairy and some four days without gluten and I feel great! Not to disgust you with the innards of my digestive system, but I've got a lot more energy, no gas and I'm not running to the bathroom a gazillion times a day!
It's been difficult for me - I LOVE cheese and bread! But, we went to Amaranth Whole Foods Market and bought groceries for me (including dairy-free cheese!) so it's been a bit more unbearable. Also, many restaurants offer gluten and dairy-free dishes, or their dishes can be modified.
Olive 'R Twist in Cochrane offers dishes without lactose and gluten, marking them on their menu.
Boston Pizza is also offering gluten-free pizza crusts, but pizza without cheese really isn't worth it!

Since gluten-free and dairy-free diets are becoming more and more mainstream, there are many cookbooks that offers gluten-free and dairy-free cooking tips. Vegan cookbooks never use milk, but they do use gluten in their recipes; be mindful of this.

Anyways, I've been experimenting with different gluten-free recipes and trying to modify other recipes and make some of my own, so I will keep my blog updated with how it goes!

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