Wednesday, March 28, 2012

There's Always Time If You Make Time For... Patience

My phone sucks. It keeps giving me error messages and I keep having to unplug it. My BBM doesn't work and the screen freezes randomly. It is extremely annoying and its difficult because my phone is my main source of communication with my family and friends. It has done this before and its been hard to get through the day (yes, I'll admit it!).
But, I am learning to be patient. Its proved to be very difficult, even over something as seemingly trivial  There are ways around it - Facebook, for example. At the time, you're so overcome by being annoyed and frustrated at your inanimate object that you don't think of alternate options - and when I say "you", I mean "me"... well, all of us.
What worked for me today (after I threw it against the wall and probably made it worse) was taking a deep breath, and letting that breath carry my frustration, annoyance, rage and negativity out of my body. It was actually fairly liberating!
Afterwards, I was able to think of alternatives when my head was clear and my emotions were rid of.
Slowly, but surely, I will learn patience. Patience with myself, with others, with my animals, and especially with my inanimate objects!
Slowly... but surely.

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