Saturday, January 12, 2013

Pet Of The Week!

Image courtesy of Brenna J.
This week's Pet of the Week comes from my sister Brenna about one of her cats. Both Brenna and I pulled a bit of a one over on my Dad... well, twice... and both brought home cats without him knowing. Thankfully, he was a pretty good sport and we never had to worry about my mother being opposed to it as she had done the same thing to him when they were first married!
Below, Brenna has submitted a paragraph about why Boo is our French Onion Soup Saturday Pet of the Week!

Image courtesy of Brenna J.
"I never realized how much animals help to heal until I got Boo; she has been my
snuggle buddy through some pretty dark times. I truly believe that animals can sense
our different emotions and cling to us when we need them the most. I’ve had Boo since
she was 5 weeks old and, although she was too young to go home, I took her anyways and
now she is now just about 3 years old! Boo is half Siamese and half tortoise-shell, meaning that she is loud, in charge and, man, does she have “tortitude”! For those of you who don’t have tortoise-shell cats, “tortitude” is a certain attitude they carry: they are loud, talkative and
very sassy! 
Boo’s favorite things to do are: sit on the ledge of the bath tub during my bath time, chasing my other cat Moe around the apartment, chasing/playing with the laser pointer, eating strawberries, raspberries and salmon and, of course, napping! Boo brightens my every day, she has snuggled me through many ups and downs, break ups and new beginnings and I’m pretty lucky to have a cat like her!"
Courtesy Brenna J.

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