Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Everybody loves tea. Except for the people that don't... and if you don't, you probably shouldn't read the rest of this post!
 ANYWAYS, it's no secret to those close to me that I just adore tea! I have a whole cabinet dedicated to tea, and I don't think that I would change it for the world.
That being said, do I always know what kinds of tea I have?

 No, not always, so I guess some sort of tea-oriented inventory is due... is it weird that I'm excited about this? Okay... onto the interesting stuff!

Tea has been touted for centuries for its benefits for the human body and mind. Many teas have beneficial antioxidants, it contains less caffeine, its naturally gluten and dairy free, and it has NO calories! Hurrah for tea.

Don't forget about those powerful little antioxidants; they have cancer-fighting properties that, while most studies remain inconclusive, has this tea lover (and many others) convinced that a boost of anti-carcinogens are entering my body with every sip I take! Add that with the extra antioxidants in natural honey, and you have a cancer-fighting concoction! Please, of course, remember that all results pertaining to tea and it's anti-carcinogenic properties are inconclusive

My favourite teas are varied! I love the bittersweet taste of black teas, but green teas flavoured with fruit are tied for first... and don't forget Rooibos' tasty-ness! I can't pick a favourite tea, but I can let you in on some to try.

If you haven't read my post on Thai Iced Tea, you can do so here:

If you haven't visited Teaopia (now "Teavana"), you should! You can order online, but going into the stores is great as well! That way, you can smell the teas before you buy them, have them made up for you... and buy cute little tea sets! They're not easy on the wallet, but boy... are they cute!

 Anyways, my favourite "Teavana" teas include:
Green Tea Blend "Love Spell"
Herbal Tea Blend "Vanilla Honeybush"
and "Azteca Fire" Herbal Tea

The Spa Ritual in Calgary also has a signature blend of teas that taste amazing as well!
Tom and I love "Rejuvenating Blend" from the Pure Ritual line of teas. You can't order The Spa Ritual's signature teas online, but you are more than welcome to head into their spa boutique and check out the teas!

Tea Basket
 Photo courtesy of The Spa Ritual, Calgary, Alberta

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