Sunday, October 27, 2013

Cleanse Your Mind

The most prominent diet or health phenomena going on today is that of the "cleanse". People are cleansing by means of the Paleo Diet, the 'Clean Eating' (ie. no sugar) diet, the GLUTEN AND DAIRY FREE DIET (yay!) and also 'juicing' (NOT steroids, but consuming fresh juice from fruits and veggies - watch the documentary about it here). These are all awesome, and we all know that it takes a healthy body to have a healthy mind... but are we putting enough emphasis on the mind part of this equation?
We have to remember that we need to cleanse our minds, too! To often we focus on achieving optimal bodily health (the societal expectation of the "perfect body") and not enough on making sure our minds achieve optimal health.
To do so, we should focus on happiness and peace; what achieves this for us? Is it dancing to our favourite song or spending time with those we love the most? We could enjoy a massage, or a day out with our friends. I often "detox" my mind by listening to my music, or having a drink with a friend! Tom and I also talk about how we are feeling, and relay our ideas off of each other - even planning for the future relaxes my mind and creates a cleansing sense of happiness that lasts!
This is then, of course, motivating to keep the other part of the equation - the body - in good health, too! We should always have the health and wellness of our mind as our top priority... and trust that the whole "healthy body" thing will come once we achieve clarity of our minds!


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